Art by Gisela Llorens
Fine art done in pastels.



In retrospect, I've come to realize I was always an artist. As a small child I knew I "saw" things differently than others did. Lights, shadows, and their effects could mesmerize me for hours. I came to love nature and its colors and movements.   

My mother was a very gifted artist.  Surrounded by creativity I was naturally drawn to the arts. I was attracted the most to drawing. Life kept me busy with studies, work, marriage and children, but the yearning for drawing was always there.

In 2004, I made an intent to formalize my art career and was lucky enough to find two great artists as my mentors, Abdón Romero and Sonia Hidalgo.   I was drawn naturally to pastels because of my affinity for drawing and expressing myself directly with my hands.    My paintings are inspired by how light sets the drama of color, shadow and the rhythm in a composition.